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Arrived at 0530 Saturday and two others pulled in the same time. One gentlemen was already sitting at the picnic table since 0430. At 0830 30 people were waiting for the doors to open. It was slightly disappointing that no 1903s were there, even one, and newly stocked M1's. I have been arriving (and sometimes shoot) on the Garand Match day since 1998 and that was always the big day for "Surprises" for the Garand shooters. Now it is spread all during week with the excitement. No complaints at all just have to change strategy and drive across state a few times that week. I did find some items that were there all week (or longer) that I picked up. I found four (4) Win 13 Receivers on the Winchester specials. I picked out one for the nice gentleman from Pittsburgh that arrived the same time I did and I purchased one. There were still two (2) left. I also found a rack grade Winchester M1D with a MW = 1.25 and a TE = 4.0. I then went to Commercial Row to finish the day out. Overall a great day for all who went yesterday.
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