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Arrow NEW VIDEOS ADDED - M1 Carbine Assembley & Disassembly Videos

Happy New Year!

New Video added

Complete Trigger Housing Disassembly / Reassembly Video:


I finally followed through on an idea I had to make videos of assembly and disassembly of the M1 Carbine after people writing about using the trigger spring tool to put the trigger in. I have a way without using it saving you $. Also there are a few more videos people get stuck on.

If the videos help you please leave a comment on the video website.

Thanks, Rob

List of Videos:

(New) M1 Carbine Magazine Types, Function, & Maintenance

Bolt Disassembly/Assembly
Gas Piston Removal/Installation
Barrel Band Spring Removal
Front Sight Removal/Installation
Rear Removal/Installation
Trigger Housing Functions Check
Sear Installation Without Tools
Trigger Installation Without Tools
Sling & Oiler Installation
Hammer Installation
Bolt Removal/Installation Without Disassembling the Rifle, No Tools
(Future Video on tools I use and how I get the most out of them)

(With your feedback I might do more, let me know, I wouldn't do barrels and receiver jobs due to liability but I could do something on like how to inspect these areas if you considering a purchase.)


Over 125 feedbacks with 100% rating. Have confidence, I use the same username here, on eBay, and GunBroker. I also have a web store, e-mail me for the link.

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