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I arrived at the South Store about 1230 on the final Wednesday and there were no Winchesters left on the racks. Like saddletramp says there were copious qtys of C&D snipers and some Type 2 National match rifles, which were and will not be in my price range. The same two chrome 03s were still there. Lots of .22 barreled receivers, mostly H&R M12 and Remington 521. There was only one M1 barreled receiver left. The bayonet table was as noted fairly bare. I found a 1905 with wood grips that I thought might work but it had a small chuck missing from the tip. On a whim, I asked Leon if there were any more 16" left and he asked if I wanted wood grips or plastic and the date range. He came back with about 5 of them all with wood and WW1 dates. I picked out a nice 1918 that had a nice blade.
There were two boxes of the rusty carbine mags left and I didn't notice the slings. In fact since this was my first trip there I walk right past the bayonet table without noticing it at first!
There were also some stocks for the Mossberg 44US and 144.
There were no SG, FG or RG that I could find, but I did notice that many of the drill rifles had a weld in the oprod track. Some had been milled out and some not.
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