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Default USMC 8X Sniper scope

I mentioned this scope several times and here it is. This is a repro of the famous Unertl 8X used in WW2, Korea & Viet Nam. While I don't have one of the original military Unertls ($$$$$$) I have an 8X and a 10X Unertl and this repro compares very well indeed to the originals. In fact, due to multi-coated optics the repro is noticably brighter than my 8X Unertl. Personally I really like this type of scope and it's nice to be able to put away my collectables.
The scope is mounted on the USMC 40X I purchased from the North Store in 2006. They looks so perfect together!! I am a very happy boy!
Anyone thinking Vintage Sniper...
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