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I purchased the scope directly from Leatherwood. I had gone to the Leatherwood site to get info on the 3X Malcolm and saw the "coming soon" announcement. Asked them to let me know the moment it was available.
The mounts and adjustments compare very well to my Unertls. The mounts are dead ringers for what Lyman used on their Super-Targetspot scopes.
The scope came with caps and the recoil spring.
The price? Well, if you want a scope like this it's a very fair price when you look at what originals cost. An original USMC Unertl would go for thousands. I paid $600 for an 8X Unertl Target and Varmint back in 2006. For me, it's worth it. This is my kind of scope!

Amazing what a bit of research can do. The reason the mounts are dead-ringers of the Lyman mounts of the period is because John Unertl Sr. was not making his own mounts at the time but buying the from Lyman.
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