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Smile ** WITHDRAWN ** WTT: 1956 - 6.08 mil M1 Garand

** Rifle has been withdrawn **

It is truly a nice 1956 Springfield within the 6.08xxxx range
Rifle is an Ex Air Force Premium Grade Match barreled action
it is marked " AFPG " on the barrel and with polished chamber and
underside as well.

During a break down and logging of parts I found rifle to have all SA parts with the exception of 2, and those being (1) Safety is HRA and (2) Hammer is HRA

* Rifle is from CMP and will have the Certificate and papers incuded
* TE-2
* ME-1
* New CMP Stock and lock up is tight and makes a nice fit,
(I was surprised to see such a nice fit better then most)
* 1952 Web Sling so marked
* CMP Green Hard Case
* Front and Rear Sight Protectors (white)
* There is detente hole at the 6:00 position at windage on the receiver
* Bore is Bright, Shiny, with good lands/grooves
* Barrel markings SA F6535448 P 9 54 A21-C

I have fire 6 full sets of enblocs through the rifle (48 rds)
it functioned flawlessly without any issues. Accuracy was
very surprising. If this doesn't trade off, I'll just keep it, its that nice a shooter

I've taken a lot of photo's of the rifle and I will let them tell the condition
of the rifle. If there is some part or section of the rifle you want more info on
just ask and I will do my best to help.

Value: $1250 (FFL-01 or FFL-03 C&R license required to ship)

Some Trade Interests

* UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun

* DSA STG-58 or DSA SG58 FAL

* Rifle posted on other boards as well

"Even after Life has worn them down,
When they have fought their battles, both personal and for their countries,
When they can no longer STAND as TALL, as they once did,
They take with them their PRIDE"

Semper Fi ...

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