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Originally Posted by cmp1911admin View Post
Gee Hunter, I was not aware you worked for CMP 1911, I will let Mr. Johnson know what you have decided as to what goes to the auction site. THIS is how RUMORS and Mis-information gets out. AT THIS TIME we have NO CLUE as to the numbers of 1911's and 1911a1's we have and what will or will not go to auction. Until the CMP 1911 Armory is completed we can not inventory what the Army is giving us. PLEASE PEOPLE lets not start rumors/bad info on things you know nothing about.
I donít actually work for CMP, but I think we can agree that pistols in 1911 configuration would be extremely rare to find in surplus stock thatís been rebuilt multiple times. They would most likely come from the museum pieces. In that event I would imagine maximum value would be achieved on the auction block. I donít think thatís an out of line assumption.
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