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Friendly reminder that this thread is stickied to provide specific order timeline/tracking information for the benefit and knowledge of the community.
We have the whole rest of this, or other sub-forums for discussions...please take them there.

As with all Order Timeline threads, please utilize the following format for ease of reading/tracking:

Order type (or what ordered): (specific rifle ordered, i.e. - SG, CMP Special in .30-06, etc...)
Order sent:
Order received: (if known)
DBU (Don't Bother Us e-mail, AKA order acknowledgement):
Order #:
C/C Hit: (if applicable, otherwise note paid w/check, etc.)

Feel free to include other related information/updates with the above data. Please delete previous posts as you update your specific timeline.

As always, all other posts not specifically related to this purpose/data will be purged...
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