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Originally Posted by hunterX View Post
I have a very cheap and old diggy camera. I tried getting a newer , better camera but none of them are compatible with my old out dated operating system.
How about some advice there?
Don't say get a new computer ....... I don't replace stuff just cause it's old.
Depends on how old your operating system is. My old Epson camera used a USB enabled memory card and it came with an adaptor cable that plugged into a USB1 port. From there all pictures could be copied to the hard drive or a floppy disk using the operating system's file managements. That computer initially had Windows 95, later upgraded to 98 and then XP. If your computer is older than that you have a really big problem. Sad as it is, anything with electronics in it i.e. cameras, computers and cars, are all eventually destined for the land fill. As much as I dislike doing it, I have to replace my computer every ten years and that's really pushing it's usefullness. When I do upgrade I go for the fastest processor and biggest memory I can afford. I do not invest in game machines. My last aquisition, a year ago, was a Gateway with a 1.8 gig quad processor, 4 gigs of memory, a 19" wide LCD display, a color printer (which I have not even opened because ink will send you to the poor house) and a lot of other good features essential to photo work. It was offered as a package deal at Bestbuy for $700. I had to buy Photoshop Elements to have graphics software that was compatible with the new VISTA operating system, but like the new computer, the new software was worth the upgrade from my old Photoshop LE. That computer replaced a 10 year old Gateway laptop that initially cost me $4000. Unlike automobiles, new computers and cameras get better, faster and cheaper with advances in technology, the same thing that sends the old ones to the land fill.
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