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Originally Posted by K31Schmidt View Post
The record was broken twice that day both times were K31's
Sammy had the record by x count for 30 minutes, also broke the junior record but can't claim it since he's on a military shooting team.

He was using my rifle and handloads, funny part was he had to google what a k31 was. He fired 35 rounds that day (left handed) with no prior handling of it.
I asked if he wanted to take it home and practice, "No, I just would like to borrow it again at Perry next year"

Sammy is also trying to break Dennis Demille's 03A3 record, he missed it by 1 point in 2017
I was scorer for Sammy for his Vintage Springfield match. He called every shot perfectly. Good thing I went first or I might have walked off the line so I didn't embarrass myself to him.

He told me he was going for the record when we were in the pits and I thought that pretty brash until I saw him shoot. It isn't bragging if you can do it!
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