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Default "second garand!"

Dear All,

I bought my first Garand after leaving the ARMY in 1984. I didn't keep it very long, beacause I traded it for something that I wanted at the time. I always regretted getting rid of it however, and knew that I would one day find another. After years of buying just about one of everything else... I finally got around to ordering another Garand, and I can't wait to receive it. My issued Rifle was of course the M-16, but being a historian... I have always wanted to own another Garand.

My father passed away in December of 1984, but I did have the opportunity to show him my first Garand. He was a World War II veteran, and you could see the emotion upon his face as he sat in his favorite chair holding and looking at that Rifle.

We are truly blessed to be the guardians of such virtual pieces of history!

God Bless...

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