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Default 1917 Replacement Stocks?

While I was picking up my WRA Garand on Friday from my usual gun shop (yes, I live in a state where all sales now have to go through a FFL and involve Sales Tax...) I happened to notice they had a 1917 on sale for $499 behind the counter.

When I discussed with the owners, they mentioned they just received it that day and were getting ready to put it out for sale. I took a quick look at it and honestly the metal finish looked original and in very good condition. The part that had me raising my eyebrows though was the stock. The upper hand guard was darker than the overall stock and had the usual wear and tear. The overall stock though looked to be in very good condition (almost yellow in color) with no proof marks and I think it may have even been varnished. Only real "wear and tear" I saw on it was near the butt place where it looked like it rubbed against something (sorry no pics). Also, not being an expert on the stocks, I noticed what looked to be a pencil lead wide steel bar that went all the way through the stock between the trigger and receiver (it was flush with the wood on both sides).

Just curious if this sounds like a USGI stock or some sort of commercial replacement (if there are such things)? Thanks!
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