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Originally Posted by Tester19 View Post
My Grandfather ran a shoe repair business for 35 years and knew leather. He was of the opinion that neatsfoot oil has no business around leather products. Period. It makes leather spongy and rots out the stitching. Saddle soap is OK. The white cream type conditioners are generally OK. Based on my own experience with saddles and tack, Lexol products are pretty good. Lay off the oil and grease.
+1 on Lexol Conditioner. I use it on anything leather that I want to last...leather couches, slings, holsters, belts, car seats. It is water soluble, easy to apply, soaks INTO the leather (rather than sitting on top), is not oily or greasy. It can get a little sticky if you apply more than the leather can take, in which case you simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it dry. Almost no smell and definitely no perfumes. Read up on it and you will be impressed.

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