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Originally Posted by postal View Post
Want to get it to soak in with just one coat? Warm the sling up in the oven on warm" to say, 150 degrees or so, then apply a heavy coat and roll the sling up in a ziploc bag. Let it sit for a day then wipe off all excess with a chunk of old denim.
Of course, some shooters don't like the looseness of an oiled sling and prefer the leather to be stiff so it won't stretch.
If you are planning to shoot with it, maybe dry is best. Try it first. For carrying, maybe add a light treatment and try can always add more later if it isn't soft enough.
Good way to ruin a sling. Never artificially heat leather, especially vegetable tanned leather, which slings and most strap goods are made of. This goes against any and all recommendations regarding (vegetable tanned) leather care.

Some preservative/conditioner companies suggest to warm boots with a hair dryer, but boots are made from chrome tanned leather, not vegetable tanned leather of which slings are made of. Heated oil (warmed) is used for deep penetration, such as after cleaning draft harness. Where you warm the oil, not the leather. When I say warm the oil, 115 degrees should be enough; however, it will penetrate deep and most likely soak the leather through on a piece such as a sling, making a shooting sling unusable. Heated oil is used primarily when treating dry harness parts, which are made from harness leather and is much thicker, layered and sewn from 1/4" up to 1/2" thick.
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