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Default Hope to share something that may be of some value...

I recently received a fairly nice stock set that unfortunately was heavily shellac'ed. I strip most of the stocks I have refinished with brake cleaner (toluene and acetone are main ingredients in the cheap stuff I get locally), and usually shellac comes right off. In this case it was a bit more difficult to remove.

Part of the problem is the evaporation rate of acetone, and needs some 'soak' time. Borrowing a tip from my friend, I laid down a piece of aluminum foil, then wrapped the area of the stock I wanted to strip with two or three payers of paper towels. Sprayed a heavy dowsing of brake cleaner, then wrapped the aluminum foil around the paper towels and stock tightly.

I let the stock set for about five minutes, then unwrapped. The shellac had wrinkled up and came right off with 0000 steel wool. All-in-all, I spent about thirty (30) minutes (or less!) on all three parts...

Not an approach that some need or want to take, but wanted to share this as it's a pretty easy and quick way to remove shellac...

Now, off to the steamers!


Picked up some DuPage $25 sets, and they were heavily finished as well. Used the same technique as above (but rags this time), and discovered some really nice handguards...

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