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Originally Posted by nmCollector View Post
You should not have to install a legacy version of Java for NM Collector Software to run. It should work just fine with the latest Java. I run it with the latest Java on my windows computers.

However, I know in the past there have been some issues with Java configuration on Macs. Are you sure Java was configured properly on your Mac?

I googled this issue and found lots of people complaining about Sierra including some complaints about Java - however, the problems I have seen do not look like they would affect NM Collector and the recommendation for solving those problems seems to be to upgrade to the latest Java, not to downgrade. Here is an official support entry from Oracle:

I would strongly suggest that you use the latest Java.


So this is what I did this morning.

I first ran a report for the inventory, and printed it via a PDF, that way I had another quick reference, just in case.

I then installed the latest version of Java. I tried opening the program, and it said I again needed a legacy version. I then installed the legacy version, opened the program and it worked fine. I then tried to play a game on the computer (I enjoy playing bridge builder while on long airline flights, so I gave it a try), and it said my Java was out of date. So then I installed the newest version of Java, and tried NM Collector and my Bridge Builder game, and what do you know, everything works.

Clay, in all fairness there is note on the Java website that says that Sierra has been having issues. I don't think this is an issue with your program, but certainly frustrating since now everything is working, its hard to narrow down what the issue may have been.
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