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Default J.B. Request for information on 1903 USMC and 1903a2 rifles

This past weekend both my son Tom Jr., and I purchased our 1903ís for the YEAR at the CMP. Very happy with both but I have a request for Mr John Beard to provide additional information on them, if possible.

My 1903 rifle is SA #836521 and it seems to have some of the USMC traits of a Marine Corps rifle and I saw on the armor tag that Mr Beard had serviced the rifle and request any additional information he may have on it to confirm my guess that it is in fact a USMC rifle??

My sons rifle is a 1903A2, SA #1468693, which I hadnít seen before or even heard of before. It is my understanding based upon the research that I did that there were about a 1000, they were used for artillery training as a sub caliber weapon. Itís current state is as an issued 1903 service rifle. Wondering if it has more value that a standard issue 1903. Mr Beard if you have any additional details I would appreciate the information.

Hope to have photos posted of both later tonight by my friend Ronwall. I failed the posting picture class!!!
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