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Originally Posted by cplnorton View Post
The 836XXX rifle looks Marine. The serial range is great. The Marines ordered 8800 Sedgley barrels in 1941, and that contract was completed by Sept 1941.

The rifle has the hatcher hole as it should have post late 1938, and if you pull the handguard it should have the vise marks on the barrel.

Now the CMP can change parts around on these some.

But yes to me, I have no doubt it was a Marine Corps rifle.

It's a great range.

836300 100830USMC - SAN DIEGO
836300 123030USMC
836487 081437USMC - QUANTICO (SURVEY)
836593 032332USMC
Thanks Steve for your knowledge and input, very helpful. In this release of 1903’s I believe there may have been at least two, mine and Paul’s (not sure of Forum name) who was with Rob30.06 Saturday, but there was another that had several USMC rifle traits.... This was a good lot of rifles to include several Mark I’s also. Tom

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