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Someone here who's initials are "ceresco" keeps telling us how much chambers and dies vary in size.

Meaning if the cases were fired in a fat chamber and the resizing die is on the large size it "might" be the problem.

And how many times have you read people having problems with brass fired in one chamber and not fitting in another chamber after full length resizing.

Bottom line, when a case is fired it springs back smaller than the chamber. And when full length resized it springs back larger than the die. And sometimes the pluses and minuses of chambers and dies do not size a case enough. Especially today when the stock holders govern the quality control of chambers and dies.

I have a standard Lee .223 die that will size the case smaller in diameter and push the shoulder back further than my RCBS small base die.

And on my 1943 Remington 03-A3 I had the opposite problem with a chamber diameter in XXX Large size and warped banana shaped fired cases.

Another example at the link below and look at the variations in .223 die neck diameters.

Are Your Sizing Dies Overworking Your Rifle Brass?
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