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Originally Posted by canes7 View Post
My score was properly adjusted later on during the day. Everyone had gone home so I wasn't around for a face-to-face. I was just curious if they changed backers after every string and what the actual procedure was.
I have shot a BUNCH of matches at Talledega. They put up ONE cardboard backer for the whole match. I've seen shots challenged at Talladega with the KTS system. For instance, If someone challenged a shot during a string the RO would tell the tower and then tell you to keep shooting. After that string 2 RO's would grab a mule and run down to the targets. If it is obvious that the shooter challenge is legit you would shoot an alibi string.

You can imagine what a backer looks like by the end of a 1000agg HP match! I have seen Sara R. and Bryan P. on hands/knees with a big plexglass template on a 6'x6' target backer comparing shots from the computer printout against the actual holes in the cardboard. If I can find some pics of this i wil post them.

Early on they had some REAL issues with the system. I have have made challenges and was right (and also WRONG). Bryan Parris has really worked hard and made great progress with the accuracy of the target system.

I would bet that 98% of the challenges now prove that the shooter was in error not the target system.

I kinda got long winded and not sure I answered your question or not. I hope yall are doing well and having fun at Butner. I'll be shooting up there Thursday and Friday. Cheers!

I can shoot a one hole/one shot group at any distance....."If I do my part"

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