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Sorry guys we are not finding that many of the 105 mm variants. What we do find will be auctioned off via our website.

We have negoiated with the USAF to have all tanks drop shipped via a C5. Please indicate the coordinates on the order form and have follow the ground marking instructions.

Tanks cannot be shipped fueled since that could be dangerous. We will include a coupon for up to 1000 gal of fuel. Additionally we are including a set of track repair tools and 20 rounds of HE ammo to get you started.
Additional rounds will be offered once we finish sorting the tubes.

All tanks also come with a Ma duce, but sorry due to govt regulations the 50 cal M2 has to be converted to fire semi auto only.

All tanks will have some minor scratches in the finish, but will be fully functional.

The standard form can be used to order the tank and ammo.

Item numbers will be added to our website soon.

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