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Default scope mystery solved

Mike, thanks for your thoughts on my scope misalignment crosshairs. My M82 scope has its post 3/4 from the top of the sight picture. My weaver 330 after removing the m82 was installed an the crosshairs after clicking the heck out of it, rested high in the FOV. Like the cross, higher up. So, I went on line an bought a M84 which was supposed to be more advanced, installed two shims (a .20 an a .15)slide them under the front base an replaced the screw an at 100 yrds can keep the shots on a quarter size. I guess I have all kind of possibilities now that I have one of each type of scope. One more question, on the m84 I zeroed it in for 100 yrds an loosened an placed the 100 elevation dial marker on the metal indicator tab an tightened up the larger outside nut to keep the position. If I want to shoot to 200 or 300 yards, do I turn the dial to 200 or 300 to have correct allowance? or is the graduated dial indicator only to give you a reminder of the starting yardage setting. I think I read that each click represents 50 yards, so adjusting from 100 yards to 300 yards I would need to give my elevation clicks 4 up........right??? not set the dial to 300..........that would be too much..................sonnyboy
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