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Originally Posted by bruce View Post
JMHO, but if your going to buy ammo, buy what you can get in a sufficient quantity so that you can zero the rifle and then be able to use the rifle in either range or target shooting. The Danish M-2 is good ammo. But if it is not in a sufficient quantity, it is just a curiosity. The HXP M-2 is in my rifles extremely accurate. It gives perfect function and on target results. And the casings are reloadable, which is a real plus when you consider the initial cost of ammo. HTH. Sincerely. bruce.
that is really good advice. but if you can get the stuff in quantity, I would stack it deep, haha. if we are just talking a couple of bandos- you are relegating highly accurate ammo to plinking fodder and should pay accordingly. Might be better to let someone who has the similar lot add more to their cache and build up your own 'brand' consistently.

Boy I wish I could buy those deep green wooden crates of AMA headstamped rounds for what I had them shipped to me back in the early 2000s. SWEET!

That is truly the one catgeory /type/brand of ammo I really regret not buying tons of
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