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Overall, I would rate the condition and quality as very good while remembering that this is a 60+ year old rifle that has been used hard. I did not have to do any repairs although I have not yet shot the carbine. I don't expect to have to do any either. There is a small crack in the stock at the rear of the receiver, but it doesn't look like it is going to affect anything.

Cosmetically, the metal looks great. There is the normail wear that comes with use, but it is the look I like and expect on this type of rifle. There is a small amount of pitting on the sides of the receiver where they ride inside the stock. But it is not a pig deal.

The wood is sound but not what I would call "pretty." It is not the classic red color that I like, but I'm sure that is an easy fix. Currently it is pretty light colored. I'm just no woodworker so I will have to do some research.

My suggestion to you is, BUY ONE! Especially if you want a piece of US History! Just prepare yourself for the worst and more than likely you will be pleased. I would hurry, it seems that they are running out fast.

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