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Originally Posted by gardian47 View Post
I picked up some Remington 150gr core-lokt this weekend to shoot through my stock gas plug, well needless to say Only put a clip through it before deciding it was probably not a good idea. Most of the cases were ejecting at 12 o-clock and the recoil felt off. Going to get the ported gas plug as soon as I get some extra cash.
That's also what I observed. When your Garand ejects the ammo you are shooting in that manner, and doesn't Ball ammo, that's a sure sign the ammo is much too hot and the gas pulse is not right. That's a sign of excessive bolt speed. I scored for someone at a match shooting 150 CL Remingtons once and was sitting behind him. The concussion from the muzzle blast was bad, the recoil was beating him to death and the brass was beating me to death. You guys can shoot that stuff in your Garands if you so choose without some sort of modified gas plug but not me.

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