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First off, the OP mentioned soft-point ammo for Hunting.

For me, that is maybe Ten (10) rounds/Season, including sighting-in.

I have had No Problem w/ the Remington Express 150gr Core-Lokt's in that application.

Secondly, I qualified my statement RE: PPU 165gr PSP-BT's w/ the statement that I "use and recommend the Ported Gas Plug". Yes, it is hot. It is also good hunting and mid-range ammo at a VERY good price.

And Lastly, the M1 Garand is a Ten (10) lb. rifle loaded... There is no such thing as a "recoil" problem w/ it. (Only maybe a manliness problem w/ the shooter. )

Thermonuclear 150gr .270Win loads out of my 8lb. M700? Even M2 ball out of my '03-A3 is a little... interesting. But the **********-cat M1 Garand? My Seven-year-old shoots it.

Suggest more field shooting and less bench-rest. (and maybe a little weight-training or PT)

"...We know that it is the hits that count..."

- Marine Major General William H. Rupertus - The Rifleman's Creed
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