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Default "Sparx" M1 Garand Stock for Sale

As many of you recall, "Sparx" used to offer from time to time some really nice looking and great shooting M1 garand stocks that he loving shaped and finished from a Boyd's original.

Here is one of them. I can't remember what item number he gave to it but it is a really nice one and shoots great. I had it on my Navy Barrel Receiver I put together and this is the ONLY garand where I have been able to shoot a whole clip with all the rounds touching at 100 yards. If fits tight on your action. It is shaped in the slimmer, WW2 style.

Please see pics of stock. Deal includes hand guards that match too.

$225 Shipped.

First "I'll take it" gets it. Paypal gift, USPS MO, your check once it clears are fine.


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