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I have one very close to yours. Our's were the last of the Warner Swasey's made. Warner Swasey had been having a hard time acquiring parts and were late on their last run of scopes. That is why our rifles are such a late serial range.

I know I have documents from around 1929 to remove all Warner Swasey mounts, plug the receivers, and convert them back to standard service rifles. Every WS still in Army Inventory was supposed to have been converted at this time.

All that I have seen, they cut the screws on the outside of the mount and made them flush with the receiver. Otherwise if you wanted to, you could have some remove the ends of those screws and could put a mount back on it.

The hardest thing to find would be original screws. They were a very weird thread. I've seen online a lot of people quote the wrong thread on them and people have screwed up the threads on real receivers by installing wrong screws.

I don't know if they repo the screws or not. I've never looked. I know they make repo mounts though.

You could probably shop around and find a WS scope and mount for around a $1000 or so. Then you would probably have a couple hundred in gunsmith fees to remove the screws. You would also have to cut the stock some to clear the mount, as I doubt it has the WS stock any longer.

Is anything still original on the rifle, as far as barrel date or anything? It probably would have had a barrel date around July or August 1918.

This is just me, but I don't think there is a huge demand for the WS sniper. It does add some value, but not near as much as the other snipers.

I think if you bought a scope and installed it, then turned around later and sold the rifle complete, you would have a hard time breaking even.

It stinks but it seems they almost sell for more separate, than together.

If it was me I would personally keep it just like this. I think they are neater like this, than a restoration.

Just so you can see how the mount was put on your rifle, and what one looked like. I'm attaching pics of mine.

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