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Originally Posted by GeeBee View Post
Barrel is dated 8/18, and it does have most of a letter "A" stamped underneath the date. Significance?
Andrew from Archival Research group found the documents on the meaning of the A, but it denotes 2nd Class.

They were barrels that had some type of flaw that had made them not pass inspection, but the flaw would not hurt accuracy.

My Warner Swasey has a 7/18 (A) marked barrel. I've actually seen several of them on WS.

The earlier WS were star gauged. I can't remember if I have documents on the last group of them manufactured being star guaged or not. I think I do have a document that say they were, but I didn't go back and look. I have a lot of info on this last batch from the Archives.

But it's just sort of neat honestly a 2nd class barrel used on snipers. But if it didn't hurt accuracy it really wouldn't matter much. Plus back then they treated sniper rifles much different than what we think of today.

One example, I read a Marine's diary from WWI, and when he stood guard duty at a crossroads they would issue him a Winchester A5 equipped rifle so he could use it like binoculars as people or vehicles approached.
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