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Originally Posted by H.S. Mantooth Jr. View Post

Go to YouTube. You can get a fairly good informal tutorage there on just about anything dealing with reloading. When you get ready to start buying, come back here and ask any and all questions you can think of.

There are different qualities in each reloading component. Myself, I prefer the RCBS product line. Others favor Lee, Redding, Hornady, Dillon, or other's. It's going to depend on how much cash you are willing to lay out. All of the above will give you great, consistent loads. The same goes with Reloading Manuals. There are some, and I forget which one, that give Garand specific loads. Ask questions, and shop around. There are many companies like MidSouth, MidWayUSA, Sinclair, Brownell's, Cabela's and other's that can supply everything needed to make very good loads, equal or better than what you can buy over the counter. Plus, IMHO, there is a special kind of therapy in rolling your own.

Best of luck to you Sir.
That would be the Hornady reloading manual the latest edition
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