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Originally Posted by Magna's 85-86 View Post
Gotta remain positive FG's can be as nice as SG's never know what will be there. And if you were stationed there or near then you would be broke! lol
Most of the guns I hand picked (for myself) at the NS have been FGs...many of them are as nice, or better, than the SG, depending on what you're looking for.

Plenty of FGs with great barrels, and a much better chance of original/older parts and USGI wood with the FGs. Way too many of the SGs have had CMP wood and SA replacement barrels, for quite a while yet.

They may be dirtier, they may need a little more BLO, but the FGs are where the real gems are, in my opinion.
Pictures, please; I live vicariously through the purchases of others...
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