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Originally Posted by Greg Ficklin View Post
The Ruger MKII or III are fantastic pistols for the .22 EIC. In fact the achievement pins have their image on them them. Any .22 in good working order that fits the guidelines can clean the course of fire with good functioning ammo. Just like rifle EIC, it's the shooter that earns the points. Use the pistol you have and save the money for ammo, and good pistol box to be organised. Mine is a S&W 41 7". It's as good a pistol that has ever been made for .22 Bullseye, and a whole lot of MKII Rugers have kicked my fanny.
Not a fan of the Mk III. The S&W M41 is very good, without a doubt one of the best American 22s left, but not as good as a Pardini SP, Feinwerkbau AW93, or Hammerli 208 or the classic High Standards, and never will be. Much of that is due to the reliability, barrel blank and lack of adjustment. That's why you don't see them at the Olympics or with the military shooting teams. It doesn't mean it isn't a fine pistol, but there are better if funds are unlimited.

Again all can/will get you points. But there are some differences that only your wallet may be able to appreciate.

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