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Default Hey Wisconsinits, how about a sniper match at Minneapolis rifle club?

Okay guys I just found out about this match. What do you guys think:

MRC Sniper team match
· Oct. 18, 2014, 9:30am or 1:30pm squading
· Teams must be checked in ˝ hour before start time
· 8 team openings for each time block on a first come basis
· Team fee = $20/team all teams MUST online preregister by 10-15-14
· Match Dir. Contact =
· ================================================== =
· General course of fire will be done at 200 yards
· Two man teams firing center fire rifles, no magnums
· One class may be entered, Any sight
· Shooters will alternate from shooter to spotter
· Rifles may be shot from sling or Harris type bipod only
· Hand or fist may be used to support the rear of rifle, no bags
· Spotters may use binoculars or spotting scopes
· No muzzle brakes may be used
· Teams will be grouped together on a single target
· Maximum Scope setting power of 16x
· Each team will be on the line for approx. 1.5 hours then go to pits
· All loading will be single loading except in rapid fire timed stage’s
· 8 teams firing in the morning and 8 teams in the afternoon.

Walking Man ;
· A silhouette target will be displayed and walked across the width of three target bays. Speed will be at a slow walk
· Silhouettes will be displayed for a minimum of 7 seconds
· Scoring will be 5 points for a “A” 3 points for a “B” and 1 for a “C”
· Each team member will have 5 targets to fire on, one shot at each
· A minimum of 30 seconds between targets and not more then 60
· Team member “A” will shoot his 5 shots and the switch places
· Silhouettes will be labeled for what team they are assigned to
· A shot fired by the wrong team will count as a miss for them
· Max score per shooter for this phase = 25 points
· No shoot Silhouettes will be spaced every 4-5 foot
· All shoots will be single loaded

Bulls Eye ;
· Three bulls eye targets pop up in your target frame
· Targets will be 100y three bull smallbore targets
· One will be a shoot target, the other two will be no shoots
· A 1” orange square marker over the X will label the shoot target
· The previous shot will be plugged with an orange golf tee
· Targets will be displayed for a minimum of 4 seconds
· Scoring will be done by rings, Standard NRA scoring
· Each team member will fire 3 shots on each of the 3 targets
· Firing on a “No shoot” target will be a miss and a 10 point deduct
· Team members will each fire 9 shots and the switch places
· A minimum of 30 seconds between targets and not more then 60
· Max score per shooter for this phase = 90 points
· All shoots will be single loaded

Call the shot ;
· Nine six inch paper plates with numbers 1-9 on the target face
· The numbers will be placed in 3 rows of 3 randomly
· Two plates can be re-arranged on the target at each pit pull
· As the targets come up the RSO will call a random number
· The targets will be exposed for 4 seconds to be engaged
· A hit on the correct plate target scores as 5 points
· A miss is zero and a wrong hit is minus 5 points
· Each team member will fire 9 times
· Max score per shooter for this phase = 45 points
· All shoots will be single loaded

Balloon Race ;
· Nine balloons will be stapled in 3 rows of 3 on the target face
· Balloons will be inflated to 6-8” each
· When the RSO calls out “Load and by ready” bolts may be closed
· When the target appears Both shooters will engage the target
· 10 rounds max per team member
· 5 second penalty for each missed balloon
· The pits will keep the time it takes to clean the target
· The team time will be in full seconds used, no fractions
· Multiply the team time by three
· Subtract that value from 100 to give the team score

Not exactly the CMP course of fire but it sure sounds like fun!
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