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Originally Posted by Ansirem Hunter View Post
Currently coming up from lexington ky
I purchased my M1D there in Sept 2012 and everyone from customers to staff was very helpful, my suggestion to you is do your homework on what you want in a M1D with notes to take with you. Create a check list?

Do you want a WW2 SN or postwar, are you searching for original finish over a repark, greek black etc ?

They will all have GI wood but what are you looking for WW2, Postwar or ideally a SA open box RA stock are usuallywhat most say are the most correct for M1D.

What muzzle/throat readings do you want? Most are marked but mine wasn't that day and they checked it at the counter for me as I didn't have a gauge.

The day I was there on my first trip the store was full of rifles I spent 5 hours looking, I believe I picked up every rifle there 3 times but enjoyed every minute of it just wish I didn't live 7 hours away.

Good luck you will have fun picking your M1D rifle thats the easy part then comes the searching for the rest!
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