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Originally Posted by navyrifleman View Post
Beautiful target rifles.

I know that some gunsmiths would shorten the cocking piece as in one of your rifles. However, I also read somewhere that the shape of that cocking piece helped to deflect any gasses from a punctured primer. You might check into that and consider replacing it with an original style cocking piece.

Good point....According to the Brophy book, Springfield Armory offered headless cocking pieces and reversed safeties for a couple of years on their M1903 National Match grade rifles. That happed to coincide with a year at the National Matches when the ammo used had a lot of pierced primers.

Seems like it was the year Frankford tin plated the bullets to eliminate the "lumpy copper fouling" in the bore. That cold welded the bullet to the case and chamber pressure went way up. Or might have been the year when it was the fad to grease bullets to control copper fouling. Grease got into the chamber and bolt thrust went way up.

You are correct, the original cocking piece tended to deflect gas blow back away from the shooters eye. At minimum wear glasses when shooting one of these.

No doubt gunsmiths modified them as well.
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