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Default The awesome people on this forum

Being a new collector, were subject to some pitfalls. Heck even a expert might find himself on the bad end of deal.
There's a lot of collectors here that go that extra mile.
I've had a great deal of help from multiple members, and not for their own gain. They help because they love this hobby. I've had guys take time out of their day to answer questions or resolve issues through pm and/or email. These people have been great in helping me get a certain part, or specific knowledge or just steered my away from a bad deal. I've even had 1 humble man invite me to his home to share, what has to be, the greatest collection of carbines anywhere. Without exaggeration, It had to exceed any museum collection anywhere.

I could name all the names, but you know who you are. Just want to say thank you. And thank the CMP for giving us a place to come together.

Karl Jonas
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