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original A4 bolts were made by Remington from scratch, with a special jig.
they never modified standard A3 bolts by heating them, and pounding them down in a fixture with a hammer,
across machine also made some post war replacement bolts in the same was as Remington,
no bolt were ever made by any Ord, depot or military Armorers, they didn't have to make them, they just put in a request for a replacement bolt.
as far as heat from welding..
wouldn't you think, heating the bolt handle up with a torch so that it can be bent and hammered into place the ground on with a grinder would do more damage then,..15 seconds of welding with a heat sink stuck in the rear of the bolt?
also the only area that would be a safety area would be the bolt head and face, cutting off a handle , shaping it and then welding it back on is how the 3 leading gunsmith schools teach.
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