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The base is cleaned up by drawfiling to any level of finish desired, all edges and corners eased using files…

…and a simple brush finish applied.

Last, the rods are cleaned up using files, the sections to take the latex tubing are buffed to a high shine using an 8-inch power buffer and green rouge…

…and the tubing sections worked on using Armorall liberally as a lube. This can be the most difficult task in the project, so don’t omit the polishing, even if you have to do it using Brasso by hand.

Final test assembly on the bench reveals a snug hole that will grip the shaft snugly with minimal torque on the set screws, yet will also slide easily when the screws are loosened.

Double checking it at home on an Annie 1613 in the high position shows it to be a good fit to the rifle and fully functional. To gage sizes, this particular stand was made with 2 ˝-inch diameter arms covered with 8th-inch thick latex tubing, and fits the rifle snugly.


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