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Originally Posted by LazyEngineer View Post
On the line at Perry this year, they basically were allowing anything. Oversized calibers, muzzle breaks, optics that exceeded 4.5X capability (but taped to 4.5X for the match). Pretty much anything that goes bang, can qualify for unlimited MM, is what I saw first hand at least. Which is fine.
Do you happen to know the achievement medal score cutoffs? Since MM has a bronze bottom cut of 270, what is the Unlimited MM? There's a nine point higher score level in Unlimited Garand to medal a bronze. What, if any other rules are observed in unlimited MM? I have guys that would love to bring their tacti-cool ar's to our local club GSVMM matches. Maybe the CMP will include it in the 2019 rule book. Another shooter on the line is a good thing.
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