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Just received our clinic and match supplies from the CMP for our upcoming 2018-2019 sanctioned CMP/GSM Games Match Season, and yes, lucky Floridians enjoy our best outdoor shooting from Nov through May with temps averaging in the 50s-70s, low humidity, dry and sunny, perfect high power weather!
The new scorecards have the category Unlimited Modern Military listed for the first time at the local match level. It's great news as our first match is Saturday Nov 3, less than 2 weeks away, and I know we have shooters who will like to shoot Unlimited MM. My problem is, I see no available information on rules or score cuts. I just sent an email to Kim Filipiak requesting the info.
It sounds like anything in black rifle configuration would qualify for UMM, but does anyone know what the score cuts are?
I need to find out in the next 12 days!
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