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Originally Posted by rickgman View Post
The best I can determine, the SAI weights appear to be measured with a 10 rd magazine. If that is the case, the SAI standard M1A with a walnut stock will be close to 9 lbs. As I noted, it would be best to actually measure one as opposed to going by the specs.
I just weighed mine on my postal scale. 8 lbs 15.8 ozs. Thatís rifle only. No sling, no magazine, no ECI.

I go through inspection and the armorers either put a tie wrap on the rear sling swivel or a piece of tape on the trigger guard. Iíve never seen anyone verify that a rifle on the line has been inspected. So whatís to stop someone from skipping inspection altogether?

Note, my experience is at the eastern games. Other matches may be done differently.

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