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Originally Posted by Kilo-Sierra View Post
Sooooo.....If I were to travel from Georgia to VT as long as don't have any mags over 10rds I would be OK with my wood guns and SR?

NO!!! LOL, joking because of your credentials. Keep those wins in Dixie!

In all seriousness, you are OK everywhere but NY and NJ where you should be OK but face some risk with the SR. Those states have a AWB and both have been known to fail to adhere to FOPA, especially NJ.

I suggest routing to completely avoid NJ, and gas up in PA so you don't have to stop in NY. Yes, chances are slim that you would have a problem but if you did it would be very difficult and very expensive to fight in court. Also I suggest nothing on your person or vehicle signals 'guns on board'. It's a shame the situation is so, but I am from the South and have to deal with this when traveling home from MA to see family and friends.

If you have not been to the New England Games, you are in for a treat. Camp Ethan Allen makes a great setting and the matches are well run. We had a little rain last year but usually the weather is fantastic.
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