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Default How to build an inexpensive barrel shoulder roller

I was building another Garand and had a barrel with light draw. I had read in the past that guys use pipe cutters with the cutter removed and replaced with a roller made by a machinist to roll the edge of the barrel. I had no choice if I wanted to continue my project but to build one.

I went to Harbor Freight and picked up two #2 Pipe Cutters. I figured I would try to use a roller out of the extra pipe cutter to replace the cutting wheel on the other creating the tool I needed. But, I decided since it was on the way I would stop at the hardware store and see if I could find something that would work rather than destroying a second pipe cutter. I came across what is called a: Handi Grommet Kit. Inside the package was a wheel that appeared to be almost the ideal size I needed for the third roller. The dude at the store allowed me to open the package and the roller was a near perfect fit. the hole was exactly the right diameter for the screw shaft of the pipe cutter. The external diameter was just large enough to extend beyond the frame of the cutter. All I needed were two washers to fill in the thickness, which I had at home. (the external diameters of the washers have no significance, just need to be smaller than the roller itself, I use what I have)

So it cost roughly $12.75 for the pipe cutter (with the 20% H.F. discount) and $14.99 for the Handi Grommet Kit or about $28.00 in all.

I did of course use it and it does a perfect job of swagging the barrel and providing a nice crush fit to the receiver.


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