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Default Store Report 1-24-13

There first in line at 8:20. As reported no Service Grades but some really nice finds! Found 3 Rack Grade HRAs. Stocks were a little rough but all of them gauged 2 or better. One was a touch over 1 with HRA barrels. One had a very serviceable HRA 3/8 DAS stock. All had HRA barrels. Nice winter project stocks. The Kimbers are back and some were BEAUTIFUL! Almost tempted (again) there but enough is enough on the Kimbers. Got a 1530 rnd can of Carbine ammo. A nice value! .39 a round. Also got a 200 round can of HXP for our club use. My Bud My Turn went with and made the trip a great adventure. Thanks Bill..The rack grades were great and some great shooters came home. Lots had cartouches but barrels were shot. Those looking for stocks and parts guns did well on those examples. All in all an A+ day. Bob said enough Carbine ammo to last a little while longer. Over and Out..Gary
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