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Default 1/17 1st time buyer quick report

After years of being in the black hole that is El Paso, TX I got the chance to come to South Carolina for a while. I figured this would be my best shot at getting some nice rifles so I quickly planned a trip to the CMP South Store...

Woke up at 3:30 am this morning to make the trek to the Mecca for M1 Garand lovers. Hopped in the car, set the cruise control, and 4 hours later I arrived at the CMP's front door.

Before going in, I told myself I had a few objectives:
-Get a 6 digit rifle
-Get a 2.19 mil rifle
-Get ammo
-Get some GI M14 stocks

I was able to accomplish 3 of 4. I got:
-6 digit SA Field Grade
-6 digit SA M1D Service Grade
-3 cans 30-06 HXP FMJ
-1 can 30-06 AP
-2 USGI M14 stocks
-1 USGI 10" bayonet

I was disappointed I couldn't find a 2.19 mil rifle even in the drill rifle area but I was glad to get a pair of nice 6 digit rifles. There was a 5 digit in the M1D racks that was calling my name but it was Greek black parked

When I left around 11am, there were:

-5 Field grades in the rack
-2-3 racks full of the $900+ HRA SGSs
-Plenty of M1Ds and M1Cs in various grades
-Boxes of various bayonets in varying condition
-3/4s of a rack of M14 stocks
-A barrel of some chromed 1903 actions
-Racks of air rifles of some sort
-A single drill 1903A3 with a badly busted stock for $100
-Tons of various drill rifles, vast majority SA, saw 1 or 2 WRA sprinkled in there
-Various amounts of ammo including 30-06 FMJ, 30-06 AP, and 30-06 corroded AP
-Rusty GI Carbine mags

I'm sure I missed some stuff but you can stuff it if you don't like it

Overall, I was very pleased with the trip and would like to again thank the CMP staff and volunteers that assisted me and and made it such a worthwhile trip.
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