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Originally Posted by sapishka View Post
the NATO case is thicker and much more so near the base ,so if you cut the 2 open down the middle the difference between the 2 is readily apparent .something that is rarely ever discussed about these two cartridges ,NATO brass is thicker brass .AND so .. the sentence posted IS the issue ..the stuff that headspaces at 1.635 and is too large for a 308 win chamber . lots of NATO ammo still available and still being used so best to use the correct ammunition in your rifle .

Ok I guess you missed the part where I said NATO brass is heavier than 308 WIN commercial.
Also I think you missed the part where I said most US manufacturers hold NATO brass to min specs 1.628 and some overseas companies who make to NATO standards slighty larger 1.633 or so can have problems in 308 WIN chambers.
So I am not sure if you read the machinist drawings that were provided. Dimensionally they are the same, except like I said some overseas PPU being one making ammo that headspaces at 1.633.
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