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Default First CMP Garand.

I have been meaning to buy a CMP garand for a while but always would get sidetracked. Last week I found myself with some spare time Saturday morning so I knocked out the paperwork, got the 2nd form notarized, and got my order mailed off that morning.

I realized shortly after that I forgot my passport photo and used the wrong affiliated club. Tuesday morning rolled around and a very nice lady called me and helped me correct my issues. Tuesday afternoon I recieved shipping information.

I was around town so I hung out at the house until fedex rolled up this morning. I had a meeting after so I just threw the box in the back seat and rolled on.

IHC 4.5 Million Field Grade I haven't looked into the other parts yet as I have a salesman coming in a bit.

Overall I am impressed with the customer service. Instead of saying dude your a dumpster-fire the problems were assisted in fixing and the order proceeded ASAP. I mailed my packet on Saturday and received a rifle on Thursday. I ordered two but the IHC came first. The other one should be a Service Grade
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