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Originally Posted by solthemi View Post
Hello. PH68, big thanks for posting the upcoming schedule of the store closings. As it would be, Iím actually going to be in the area on 11/21 and was hoping to go to the south store for one of those IHCs and/or a 1903. You mentioned that the TMP would be open that day, but do you know if the sales aspect is ďas usualĒ during the event or are there special sales, are there no sales of normal goods, etc. Sorry, Iím not familiar with those events so trying to decide if itís a good or a bad thing Iíll be there that day.
I hate to say for sure but if I was guessing I would say they will have a good inventory being that the South Store will be closed. Only a guess but I would bet a dollar on it. Good luck.
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