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Default WASR 10 Rework

I wanted it to represent what the bad guys were carrying before I retired. Picture taken before I gave her a complete wipe down and put back into the closet. I think she looks better now.

The handguards were easy as pie, the buttstock gave me a run for my money. Took an hour to get the buttstock off. Even with being careful, going slow and only using my hands and I still managed to break a small chip out of it. I'll glue the chip back tomorrow and set it aside to dry.

The old stock will be stored away, and will go with the gun whether it's sold off or passed on to one of the kids. I don't know what type of wood they used for the blonde/yellow stocks but it is soft and light in weight. I was going to weigh both buttstocks for comparison, but I got excited and ahead of myself and before I knew I had the new furniture installed. Oh well..........She looks better and that's the important thing.

Only thing I need to do is clean the bayonet lug up a bit, right now it's too thick to accept the bayonet.

Before and after pictures of her.
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