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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hi USAF Sarge,

I know a little about them. Had two in the past everything fit well on mine.After I did a little filing on the T slots.
Can you put some colored marker or chalk on one part & see where the interference is?

Hope "they" don't get that close that you need the bayonet,

Good Luck with your problem,

True, I'll do the chalk check/test. Pulled the cleaning rod to ensure it's clearing it. Just as the bayonet lug reaches the bayonet lock in the T-slot it stops. Unlike Mausers etc. It's hard to see what is going on with the way the bayonet handle is. I've taken Mauser lugs off and slid them onto bayonets for fitment checks, can't do that with a AK platform.

I'll keep you posted, and seek further help from you.

Didn't change out the pistol grip, as the surplus one uses a different screw apparently. Still trying to figure out what the screw should look like. I know you buy them with a Allen head screw, but the actual screw is a slotted screw. With the lengths of the screw and the diameter of the head being different.
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